White Tail Peacock Endlers are a very small fish, only the males have color, this is a wild type color form Endler.  They have a white tail markings, with some red color pattern on the body.  Females are tan in color with no distinct marking.  Females also get bigger than the males.  This active fish is always ready to accept food at the surface of the aquarium.  When it is not feeding, this fish will be seen swimming throughout the aquarium. They are easily conditioned to accept a wide variety for foods.


BioAquatiX continuously works on producing and maintaining a healthy Endler for small aquariums, such as nano tanks and fish bowls.  Endlers are a good startup fish for anyone getting into the aquarium hobby. They are active, hardy and adapt well in any aquarium composed of small non aggressive fish. 


Scientific Name Poecilia endler 

Family Poeciliidae 

Natural origin Venezuela 

Origin of this specimen Tank born and raised by bioAquatiX 

Generation filial F3-F5 pH range 7.0 to 9.0: best 8.0 to 8.5 

Temperature range (°F) 65 to 85: best 78 to 80 

Mature length (in a tank) 1"  inch for Males, 1.5" inch for Females 

Minimum tank size 1 gallon 


Aquarium bred and raised 

Purchase Size 0.5" 

White Tail Peacock Pure Endler 0.5"