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"Enhance the beauty of your aquarium with this assortment of 12 bunch plants, each containing 4-5 stems of the same plant. Our selection includes a variety of species like Wisteria, Temple Green, Rotala Green, Rotala Red, Parrots Feather, Moneywort, Mint Charlie, Mermaid, Red Ludwigia, Ovalis Ludwigia, Green Ludwigia, Super Red Mini Ludwigia, Lloydellia Golden, Limnophila Aromatic, Hygrophila Willow, Hygrophila Blue, Bacopa, Anacharis, Cambomba, and more.

These hardy and easy-to-maintain plants are perfect for beginners, adding a natural and appealing touch to your aquarium. Elevate your aquatic environment with this diverse mix of aquatic plants!"

12 assorted aquarium plants bunch