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  • How do you raise your fish
    We take care of the entire process ourselves. We control every aspect of the breeding, spawing and drowth. We aspire to provide you the highest quality of fish, stong, vigorous and colorful. We are careful in selecting our breeders and always try to minimize inbreeding. We use all natural food for our fish. We do not use chelicals or hormones to enhance color. All our fish are spawned using proprietary techniques we have developed over the years.
  • Is the size of the fish exact?
    The size is on approximation. The average size of the fish you will recive may be slightly smaller/larger then what is advertised on our website.
  • Can I visite bioAquatiX Fish Farm?
    The farm is not opened for visitors (except special events), however we do offer local pick up at the farm for your order every Thursday or Friday.
  • Do you accept return?
    We do not accept returns. Fish would not survive the return trip to bioAquatiX, however if your order was not fulfiled correctly we will happily correct any errors on our part.
  • What kind of payment do you accept?
    We accept PayPal, Debit/Credid Cards.
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