The Panda Garra is a social and very active fish. When added to a new tank, it has the tendency to find its way out of the tank, so make sure your tank is very well covered. The Panda will even use the airline tubing to get out. Rest assured that this behavior usually subsides after a few days. In brief, the Panda Garra is a very cool custodial fish, and is always fun to watch as it behaves almost like a puppy dog. We have finally been able to breed them in captivity and hope you will enjoy their presence in your aquarium. The Panda Garra is our most popular fish.


Scientific Name                Garra Flavatra

Family   Cyprinidae

Natural origin    North India

Origin of this specimen Tank born and raised by bioAquatiX

Generation filial               F1-F3

pH range             6.5 to 9.0: best 7.5 to 8.0

Temperature range (°F)               65 to 85: best 76 to 77

Mature length (in a tank)            3 inches

Minimum tank size         2 gallons


Aquarium bred and raised

Purchase Size: 1.5"-2"

Panda Garra 1.5"-2"