They are F1 aquarium bred and raised here at our facilities, as a young fish they do not show the colors yet, they need to mature and the older they get, the more red on their back will show.  They will get quite large, and especially tall, up to 12” in height.  This will take a few years ( 2-3 years) and a large tank.  They do well in 30 gallon aquariums, but would thrive in 55 gallon and up over time, they are not know to be an aggressive angel, Good community angel for planted aquarium.   They do well in small groups of 6 or more, they are more of a schooling angel.  They are very hardy, but do prefer more neutral ph water, and warmer temp of 80 -84 F.  They will do well with tetras, other angels, peaceful geophagus, Uarus, Severums, otocinclus and plecos.


Purchase Size : dime size body

Aquarium bred by bioAquatiX

Manacapura Red Back Angelfish Dime size

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