Lamprologus Meleagris is an active shell dweller from Lake Tanganyika.  It is also known as Pearly Occelatus.  This fish has a marble grey/brown body with small pearly white spots on the scales and fins, so the name Pearly.  Females are slightly smaller ( 1.5” full size ) than the males ( 2” full size) and their colors are not as sharp.  This fish is not a picky eater; they will eat all foods, such as flakes, pellets, frozen and live. It will also do well in aquarium of 10 gallon and up.  This fish is social and prefer to be in a small group of 6 or more.  They need plenty of hiding places, such as cave and shells; they spend a lot of time digging sand and gravel around their cave and shell. The require a ph of 7.5 and up to do well, so crush coral and the use of hard water is recommended.  They adapt to a wide range of temperature, 75F to 85F is fine.  The will do well with cichlids such as neolamp. brichardi, daffodil, leleupi, geophagus cichlids, plecos and synodontis.


Aquarium bred and raised 
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Lamprologus Meleagris/Pearly Occelatus 0.5”

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