German Blue Ram or “Microgeophagus ramirezi”.  The German Blue Ram is a small peaceful and colorful fish; it has bright blue scales and blue spangling on the fins, with some black markings on the dorsal fin and body. The red eyes and red edge in the fins makes this fish very attractive.  It is an easy fish to care for and maintain in an aquarium.  It is a small Cichlid that will grow around to about 2 inches.

The optimum water parameters for this fish are 75 F to 85 F temperature and Ph range of 6.0 to 7.5 with soft to medium hard water.  German Blue Rams prefer planted aquariums with lots of hiding place and calm water.  This fish will not eat or disturb the plants. This small fish will need a minimum of a 10 gallon aquarium, but preferably a larger aquarium is preferred.  These Cichlids are a good addition to a peaceful community aquarium housing fish such as angels, endlers and tetras.  You can keep this fish in small groups of up to 6 fish or by themselves.

The German Blue Ram is an omnivore and is not a picky eater; it will eat a varied diet pellets, flakes and frozen foods.


Aquarium bred and raised

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German Blue Ram 1"


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