This small 3 mm sinking pellet is rich in fish oil and protein; it is a good growth food for fish, shrimp and catfish. This food does not cloud the water if a small feeding regime is maintained and followed. Use this food sparingly. This food will help growth and maintain vitality. This food is high in protein and formulated for easy digestion leading to less stress on the biological filtration that removes toxic ammonia. It is a good supplemental food for conditioning Cichlids, Tetras, Bushynose plecos, Panda garras, Royal Farlowellas and countless other fish. 


When starting to feed new foods, start gradually with a small single feeding once or twice a day, so that the fish get used to the food palatability. Fish eating food containing high protein and high fat will produce more fish waste. Doing regular small water changes, cleaning your mechanical filter and biological filter is necessary when using rich foods.


Contains; Fish meal, Fish oil, Wheat, Soy Protein, Shrimp meal and Krill meal.

Protein 50%

Crude Fat 15%

Fiber 5%

Moisture 10% 

Purchase Size:  2.50 oz or 60 grams 

BioAquatix Sinking 3 mm pellets 60g