Anubias Afzelii is a good plant for beginners, grows well in a variety of aquarium and terrarium conditions.   This plant does not grow large up to 10-12 inches in high; it is an ideal plant for beginners.  Anubias tolerate a wide range of water condition such as temperature, hardness and pH.  Fertilization and iron supplement is recommended and will encourage optimal growth.  This plant will produce flowers regularly.  Anubias are otherwise slow growing and are great all around plant.  It is best to plant anubias in shade or low light to restrict algae growth on leaves.  When grown in Low light the leaves become dark green.  Anubias Lanceolata does very well in fish bowls where conditions are not easily controlled, such as changing light and temperature fluctuation. 

Propagation is easy, just cut the rhizome with a clean tool, into two or more pieces, and ensure there are leaves on all segments.  When planting do no cover rhizome, it should stay exposed and this will help avoid rot.  Anubias Lanceolata will easily attach to driftwood or rock start with using fishing line, glue or thread.  Anubias are a hard leaf plants and are usually not eaten by herbivorous fish.


Purchase size 3"-5"

Anubias Afzelii