Yellow Meeki or “Thorichthys pasionis”, is a peaceful cichlid, fish that is easy to care for. This fish does not get large, up to 5”. The fish is medium deep-bodied with some blue spangling with a bright yellow underbody the body. It is a Central American cichlid and a close relative to the popular Firemouth cichlid (Thorichthys meeki). They both do share plenty of physical and behavioral characteristics. The males get a little larger and brighter than females. These are captive bred F1 and will accept a variety of foods, they are not picky eaters.  This fish will do well in medium to hard alkaline water and temperature of 74 F to 85 F.

This is a fish that is considered a good beginner's cichlid. However, like other cichlids it will become territorial, especially toward con-specifics, during spawning.

Will do well in most planted aquarium, but when foraging it might dig a little through the substrate looking for food. It is not known to be a predator, but it will eat small fish if the opportunity arises. This fish should be kept with fish, such as medium size cichlids such as, Severums, Angelfish, Geophagus, larger tetras and most catfish that grow larger than 1.5", ex.: Corydora catfish might get picked on if they are small.


Aquarium bred and raised

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Yellow Meeki 1.5"

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