Synodontis Scribled (Synodontis hybrid).  This synodontis is dark brown/black with silver to yellow scribbled and spotted lines throughout it body. It is very attractive.

Just like with any other bottom dwellers catfish, they do not like to be overcrowded as this may result in territorial disputes. The addition of caves and other hiding places will allow for several Scribbled synos to be housed together.  Sometimes, like its cousin the Upside Down Catfish (Synodontis nigriventris), it may turn upside down in order to get food. This will usually only happen when it is feeding on floating food at the surface.

They are not known to be territorial. These fish will coexist with large cichlids.  They will get along with other catfish and many other varieties of fish; they need a few caves to hide in, as well as moderate plant decoration.  They are not known to eat small fish.


Aquarium bred and raised 

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Synodontis Scribbled 2"

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