This corydora is golden brown spotted in color, the dorsal and pectoral fin gets bright yellow with darker small spots throughout the body. This fish get to 1.5” in size, these are captive bred and will accept a variety of foods they are not picky eater. This species can be kept in small aquariums from 10 gallon and up, a minimum of 10 gallons (38L) is usually recommended. This fish does well in a wide range of water condition, temperature range 70-90 F, Ph 6 to 8, soft and hard water. But for this fish to show its full colors, it should be kept in a warm and soft water environment. Ph of 6.5 and temperature above 80 F

They should be kept in small group no less than 3 to 4 fish. This fish is small so to appreciate its behavior and see the fish for what it is; do not house this fish in aquarium larger than a 75, they become hard to see and get visually lost in large aquarium.

Good tank mates include shrimp, small tetras, endlers, guppies, snails, dwarf cichlids, Angelfish, Discus, Otocinclus and other small catfish. They do well in planted aquarium since the continuously forage through the aquarium and are non disruptive to the plants. A good fish for small community aquarium and planted aquarium.


Aquarium bred and raised

Purchase Size: 1"

Sterbai Corydora 1"



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