Phyllanthus Fluitans originates from the Amazon River Basin. It is a floating plant known in the aquarium hobby as red root floater due to its roots being bright red.  Its round floating leaves are water-repellent and may become deeply brown-red under strong light and limited nitrogen supply.


P. fluitans is not too difficult to grow given enough light and nutrients. Lighting should be intense, aim for over 3 watts per gallon.  CO2 is unnecessary.  Like most floating plants, it prefers rich conditions. Heavy iron and micro nutrient dosing is essential for the health of this plant.  When conditions are good, this floating plant will produce slightly reddish leaves with small white flowers and long dense red roots.


This small floating plant is very easy to maintain.  Regular removal of excess plants by netting from the water surface in a must. Due to the fast growing nature if this plant, this will ensure fresh uniform growth.


P. fluitans is most suited to open top tanks where its foliage and small flowers can be seen and appreciated. The hairy, red root system can add a touch of color to the upper levels aquascape design.  But most importantly its roots create lots of surface area for shrimp to hang and young fry to hide in.


Common names         Red root floater

Family       Phyllanthaceae

Genus       Phyllanthus

Difficulty    medium

Usage       Water surface

Growth      fast

pH value   5 - 8

Temperature tolerance        18 - 30°C

Carbonate hardness  0 - 14°dKH

General hardness       0 - 30°dGH

Propagation       Fragmentation, Cuttings, Splitting, cutting off daughter plants

Purchase Size: 4 oz portion cup

Red Roots Floaters



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