Tylomelania sp. “Pure Orange” is found in Lake Poso, Sulawesi, Indonesia.   It lives in 5 to 20 meters deep on soft substrate. From time to time it can be seen in shallower waters. There are many different colors and species of Tylomelania.  They are easy to care for and make good peaceful tank mate for most small nano tank fish.


Tylomelania do not feed on algae, but on detritus. Muddy corners in the aquarium are an absolute must have, otherwise the snails are starving.  They eat Spirulina powder, herbivore food, food tablets with a high percentage of animal proteins, vegetables like cucumbers, bell peppers and courgettes.  They would prefer eating decaying plant material than live plants.  Temperatures should be between 27-30°C/81-86°F and optimal Ph from 7.5 to 8.5.  The snails also need some room to move, so extremely dense vegetation is rather counterproductive for them.


Generally Tylomelania snails do well in the company of dwarf shrimp, small catfish and unobtrusive fish. It is important not to co-house them with any large fish that could possibly disturb their feeding and foraging behavior habits.


Common Name - Sulawesi Snail, Tylomelania, Rabbit snail

Scientific Name - Tylomelania sp

Family - Mollusca

Origin – Sulawesi, Lake Poso


Aquarium bred and raised 

Purchase Size: 1"

Rabbit Snail sp “Pure Orange” 1"