The platinum convict is not as aggressive as the common aquarium convict, it is more in the temperament of a Sajica or Meeki, this convict white in color with a blue sheen, it does not show the stripes of a common convict.  It is a good and hardy beginner cichlids, it is an easy fish to care for and maintain. These fish will do well in all size aquarium housed with similar fish such as Fire mouth, Severum, Geophagus and catfish.  It is not a picky eater and will accept a wide variety of foods.  The best water condition for this fish are medium to hard water, Ph of 7 to 8 and temperature of 75 F to 85 F. 


Aquarium bred and raised 

Purchase ize:1.5 inch 

Platinum Convict 1.5"


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