Small soft water cichlids from West Africa, They are aquarium bred and raised here at our facilities. This fish like Ph of 6.5 to 7.5, soft to medium water, temp of 78-82 F is preferred.   It is a small 2”-2.5” fish and very colorful, especially the female when in courtship with a male. She will get a dark outline around her bright purple red abdomen, with yellow golden fins. The male are more golden in color with no purple abdomen.  This fish is easy to care for and not very aggressive, does well in planted community aquarium.   Angelfish, tetras, danios, plecos, otocinclus, synodontis and corydoras will be fine with this fish.  It is not a picky eater; it will accept a wide variety of foods such as Flakes, pellets and frozen foods.


Aquarium bred and raised 

Purchase Size: 1.5"

Pelviachromis Suboccelatus “Matadi” 1.5"

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