Neolamprologus Multifasciatus: is known to be the smallest african cichlids. This shell-dwelling cichlid is endemic to Lake Tanganyika, it is a light tan in color sometime more on the light gray in color.  This fish has multiple vertical darker stripes. They are similar to the neolamprolpogus similis, but are smaller land lighter in color,  Multifasciatus grows to (1.25") and Similis grows to (1.75"-2"). The vertical stripes are not present in the multifasciatus head but are present in the Similis.  All shell dweller cichlids like nice round snail shells where they can hide and breed.  With multiple shell laid out throughout the aquarium, this fish will feel safe and will be interesting to watch. Over time they will breed, form nice small colonies and take care of their young. This fish will do well in aquarium of 10 gallons and up.  It is a hard water species that will need a ph of 7.5 and up, temp of 78-80 would be optimal

Aquarium bred and raised 
Purchase Size: 0.5"-0.75"

Neolamprologus Multifasciatus 0.5"-0.75"

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