These are aquarium raised F1-F2 juvenile; it is a very colorful small cichlid originally from lake Tanganyika Africa.  It is not a common cichlid in aquarium hobby. Very easy to care for fish, It is mostly a rock dwelling fish which enjoy clean waters and plenty of hiding places. It is not a picky eater,will eat a variety of prepared foods. It is not known to be very too aggressive, but should be careful when putting together in a community of other aquarium cichlids.  This is an active fish, and will display well in an aquarium with other fish.  Neolamprologus Heliantus can grow up to 4 inches.  Does well in water Ph of 7 - 9 and Temp of 78-84 F is recommended.   The breeding coloration is what hobbyist is trying to achieve.  This fish is mostly orange in color and has small blue spangling scale throughout its body.  The fins are a deep orange in color. Thet will pair up with age and breed easily in an aquarium they have places to hide in.  


Aquarium bred and raised 

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Neolamprologus Helianthus 1.5"

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