Neolamprologus Daffodil: Is a very attractive lyretail cichlid endemic to Lake Tanganyika. It is similar to Lamprologus brichardi, but has more color than Lamprologus brichardi.  Daffodil have a dorsal fin that gets a nice orange and the body color is tan and more smooth looking than the brichardi.  A very nice feature of this fish is it's nice flowing lyre tail with bright white edging. This cichlid will grow up to 4 inch totla lenght, but will take time, they are slow grower.   They need plenty of hiding place like upsidown flower pots or rock caves to feel safe.  Over time they will pair up and breed, form a nice small colonies and take care of their young. This fish will do well in aquarium of 20 gallons and up.  It is a hard water species that will need a ph of 7.5 and up, temp of 78-80 would be optimal.


Aquarium bred and raised 
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Neolamprologus Daffodil 1.5"

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