Among the several varieties of Ludwigia species, this is one of the smallest with small round leaves and intense red color. It is a very attractive stem plant that will attract everyone attention. There are not many stem plant with bright red coloration that will grow in aquariums that are not injected with CO2 and fertilized regularly. However, The Super red mini is one of those red stem plants.

It is a stem plant that can grow to 18+ inches in height. Super red mini Ludwigia will also growimmersed and will grow above the aquarium water if given the chance, especially in small aquariums.

  • plants name comes from the fact that the leaves stays bright red even under medium light conditions. It is not high demand plant (CO2 injection works really well but it is not essential) and with a high growth rate you can quickly achieve a beautiful red accented area in any aquarium. If you want more accent, plant it between some green plants. It is frequently used in Dutch style aquascapes. This plant creates a great environment for shrimp and small fish to feel safe and secure.



Purchase Size: 1 Bunch ( 4-5 stems per bunch ) 6”-8”

Ludwigia Super Red Mini