Planted aquarium, do not need heaters, using tap water and/or well water will be fine.  Keeping the aquarium at room temp works well, Temp of 75-80 is best, and Ph of 7-8 is preferred, all those plants do not require Co2. 
The light cycle time should be no more than 8 hours of day, to help manage algae growth and keep the plants from growing too quickly.

You should do a 20% water change preferably once a week would be best.  This will help maintain the water quality high.  Plants will grow well and to prevent over growth trimming the plants will be needed.  
If you want to prevent the growth of hair algae, it is recommended that you use more soft water.  You can mix tap water/well water which have usually hard water parameters with soft water such as distill water/reverse osmosis (R.O) water at a ratio of one third (1/3) hard water with two third (2/3) Soft water.
The Ph should be kept at about 7-7.5 when using soft water mix,  and temp around 75-78.  But cooler the better, plants will also do well in 70 degrees water.
You may add shrimp and/or livebares. 
They will do well in a planted aquarium and should only be fed once a day.  If you feed them too many time a day, they will not forage continuously in the aquarium, and that will promote more waster therefore more algae growth, and more cleaning.


Options Combination include:

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COMBO2001: 3 Red Ludwigia+ 2 Java Moss + 2Pygmy Water Lily + 1 Flame Sword + 2 Cryptocoryne Wendtii Brown


COMBO2002: 2 Hygrophila Compacta + 2 Ludwigia Super Red Mini+ 1 Red Roots Floaters + 4 Italian Vallisneria + 1 Myrio Green


COMBO2003: 1 Madagascar Lace + 2 Java Fern + 2 Cardinal Plant + 1 Hornwort + 1 Melon Sword


COMBO2004:  3 Hygrophila Compacta + 2 Guppy Grass + 2 Ludwigia Super Red Mini + 1 Red Roots Floaters + 2 Wendtii Red


COMBO2005: 4 Italian Vallisneria + 1 Pygmy Water Lily + 2 Myrio Green + 2 Java Moss + 1 Ludwigia Super Red Mini


20 Gallon Planted Aquarium

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