This large sinking pellet is ideal for bottom feeding shrimp and catfish. This food does not cloud the water unless careful feeding regime is observed and maintained. This food is designed for growth and maintenance and is an excellent supplement for creating and maintaining aquarium micro fauna. A healthy micro fauna is especially important for small fry and shrimp to feed on. These pellets are formulated for easy digestion leading to less stress on the biological filtration that removes toxic ammonia. It is also a good supplemental food for conditioning Synodontis Catfish, Bushynose plecos, Panda garras, Royal Farlowellas, Neocardinia Shrimp and countless others.


When starting to feed new foods, start gradually with single pellets once a day, so that the fish and shrimp get used to the food palatability. Food containing low protein and low fat don’t have large quantities of attractant such as fish oils and tasty animal protein. In most case fish will take longer in adapting to new foods containing low levels of attractant.


Contains; Animal protein, Plant protein, Fish Oils , Soy Flower, Blood meal, Alfalfa meal, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Vitamin B.

Protein 40%

Crude Fat 7%

Fiber 8%

Moisture 10%


Purchase Size: 0.5"1.25 oz or 30 grams

High Fiber Sinking Pellets 10 mm 30g