Geophagus proximus, is a peaceful, colorful, easy to care for geophagus and does not get very large 6-7 inch. The males have a rainbow looking colors as they get older and get a little larger than the female. These are captive bred F1 and will accept a variety of foods. Does well in water Ph of 6 - 8 and Temp of 80-84 F is recommended.  They will do well in some planted aquarium, but will forage and dig through the substrate looking for food, which can disrupt the roots. It is not known to be a predator, but it will eat small fish if the opportunity arises. It is best kept with larger fish, such as Angelfish, Severum, Aureum, synodontis catfish and plecos. 


Aquarium bred and raised

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Quantity: 2 (1Male+1Female)

Geophagus Proximus Pair 5"-6"

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