The Celestial Pearl Danio is a very small freshwater fish (1”) found in small, vegetated ponds in South East Asia.

These fish are active and colorful; their white pearl like spots on their sides combined with red/orange fins makes the fish stand out in any planted aquarium.

They are well suited for nano tanks ( 5 gallons  and up ) that are well planted with vegetation and other small fish that complement their peaceful nature. They prefer to be kept in a small group,4-6 fish is recommended They are a timid fish that enjoys a peaceful environment to display their full colors. They do well in community aquarium full of Guppies, Endlers and small Tetras. They will be constantly on the move and exploring the lower portions of the tank.

These are captive bred here at our facilities.  The ideal water conditions for these fish is 70-79°F water temperature and medium to hard water with a preferred pH of 6.5 and 7.5.

These fish are mostly opportunistic feeders and that is why they are not known to be picky eaters.  In the aquarium these fish will eat dry food such as flakes and pellets as long as it is small enough to fit into their mouth.

Feeding can be problematic if they are too scared to eat, and will not come to the surface to eat.  These fish stay mostly toward the bottom half of the tank so they can easily hide, so they will mostly eat small sinking pellets and sinking flake food.


Aquarium bred and raised

Purchase Size: 0.5"

Galaxy Rasbora or “Danio margaritatus” 0.5"