These angel fish are all aquarium raised here at our facilities.  They are the common fin type; they are platinum white with a blue sheen.  It is not a very common aquarium fish in the hobby.  This fish is easy to care for and maintain, they will adapt to a wide range of water parameters.  They do well in Ph range of 6.5 to 8 and soft and hard water.  They do well in temperature of 76F to 84F.   These fish are very curious, active and readily eat a variety of prepared foods.   These are small is size, about dime to quarter size body.  They do well in small group of 3 to 6 angelfish.  They prefer planted aquarium, they are not know to dig and displace aquarium plant.  They are good swimmers and have a good sense of their aquarium environment.  As they grow older they will establish territories and learn where not to be in the aquarium. They prefer a quiet place where they can feel safe and still maintain and defend their territories.


Aquarium bred and raised by bioAquatiX

Platinum Angelfish

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  • Pterophyllum scalare


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