Dwarf Mexican Crayfishis it is a small crustacean, does not get much bigger than two inches, therefore not recommended for large aquarium, you will not see it, it will get lost in large aquarium. This animal is docile and not good at hunting fish. It will do well with small fish and shrimps. It is a scavenger and forage during the day and night, not a picky eater. This dwarf crayfish in not known to dig through the substrate, so plants that are well anchored are safe. It prefers to climb plants and branches, looking for a place to rest and hide. They do well by themselves and are a great addition to any small aquarium and fish bowls. It is a brightly colored sometime almost reddish in color, but mostly a nice orange color, will stand out in any planted aquarium.


Aquarium bred and raised

Purchase Size:1"-1.25"

Dwarf Mexican Crayfish 1"-1.25"