Is a perfect fish for small planted aquarium due to its very small size, vivid coloration and adaptability.  Mature males have a steel blue body with red striping down the dorsal and ventral fins, while the females are tan in color with red edges on the fins.  This schooling fish is  peaceful in any planted community aquarium.

The Daisy's Blue Ricefish typically occupies the middle and top level of the water column.  It is safe with other peaceful, small fish. Due to its small size, it can be viewed as similar to microrasboras, small tetras and peaceful invertebrates ( snails and shrimps ) will also make good tank mates. When keeping the Daisy's Blue Ricefish with dwarf shrimp, plenty of plants and cover are recommended.


The Daisy's Blue Ricefish must be kept in schools of 6 or more, this fish is best kept in a species tank or a biotope setup with other similar-sized communal fish.  While not a picky eater, the Daisy's Blue Ricefish will feed on a varied diet of mostly omnivorous foods, such as flake food, pellets, live and frozen foods.


This tank-raised fish is very hardy and adaptable, will adapt to a wide range of water conditions, Ph (7-8), alkaline water and temperature of 75-85 F.  A well aquascape planted aquarium will not only help bring out best coloration but will also provide structure and shelter for fry when breeding the Daisy’s Rice Fish.  It also has the ability to jump when startled, so a secure aquarium lid is necessary.   

Once acclimated and established in the home aquarium the Daisy’s Rice Fish will breed regularly, frequently producing 10-20 eggs. The sticky eggs are deposits in the vegetation.  For optimal hatching of fry, remove the parents after 5 days of spawning (the eggs hatch in 6-7 days depending on temperature).


Aquarium bred and raised 
Purchase Size: 1"

Daisy's Blue Ricefish (Oryzias Woworae) 1"