Crinum Calamistratum is from West Africa. It is a bulb plant with unique ribbon like leaves. This Crinum has long, slender, deeply wrinkled, bright green leaves. The leaves get very long, up over 24 inches which makes it well suited as a background plant. Crinum Calamistratum can also be used as a centerpiece in the aquarium to show off its unique decorative look. This plant is not known to be eaten by herbivorous fish. It can be used in brackish aquariums with low salt concentrations.


This species will propagate is by side shoots, runners and rhizome division. All plants are sensitive to copper; Crinum Calamistratum is no exception. Be aware about the type of medication you are introducing to the aquarium, especially chemicals to control snails infestation, those are usually copper based and should not be added to a planted aquarium


Purchase Size: 8"10"

Crinum Calamistratum



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