Cichlasoma Ornatus (Mesoheros ornatus)

These are aquarium raised F1 juvenile; it is a very colorful large cichlid originally from the Pacific coast of Colombia and North Equator. It is a rare cichlid in aquarium hobby.  It is mostly a riverine fish which enjoy clean and moving water. It is not known to be very aggressive, but should be careful when putting together a community of large aquarium fish.  This is a very active fish, and will display well in a large aquarium with other large fish.  Cichlasoma Ornatus will grow up to 8-10 inches.  Does well in water Ph of 7 - 8 and Temp of 78-84 F are recommended.   The breeding coloration is what hobbyist are trying to achieve. This fish has many colors displayed on the body and hard to describe, the fish has blue spangling scales with a golden yellow and black body with red fins. 


Aquarium bred and raised

Purchase Size: 2.5”


Cichlasoma Ornatus 2.5"

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