Cichlasoma istlanum also known as Nandopsis istlanum.  Is a medium size cichlid that requires a large aquarium and adequate filtration with lots of water circulation. This is an aggressive species, and should be housed with other similar fish with lots of hiding places. They have tan body coloration, with iridescent blue flecks and have some red and gold colors in the fins.  Females develop intense gold and red colors on their sides during spawning. 
These fish need plenty of room to accommodate their adult size and aggression. They should be housed in a tank not less than 55 gallon. The tank can be decorated with wood pieces and rocks to provide cover.  This fish is not recommended for planted aquarium.


Aquarium bred and raised 
Purchase Size: 1"-1.25"

Cichlasoma Islantum or Nandopsis Istlanum 1"-1.25"

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