Cichlasoma festae ( Red Terror ) is a colorful substrate-spawning cichlid native to Ecuador and Peru, these were collected from Rio Esmeraldas.  The fry is F2.  They are sometime called Equatorial Festae. I have them breeding at 3.5”- 4”, in a 55 gallon aquarium and they do well in a group, of (6 or more).  They are known to be aggressive and should be kept with other large fish of similar temperament.  They are not picky eaters and will accept a wide variety of foods.  They will do well in hard alkaline water with a Ph of 6.5-8, they prefer warm water temperature ( 84-86 F ) but will be fine in water temperature of 75 to 80 F.  Female are more colorful than males, females become bright orange with black bars and a black dorsal fin.  Male are more light orange color with green in the body and more spangling in the fins. This fish is not recommended for planted aquarium, but would prefer a rockier and driftwood environment.  It is an active fish that is known to reorganize aquarium layout by digging and moving aquarium decoration when they get larger.  They will do well with synodontis catfish, grammodes, islantum, severum, braziliensis geos, and other large cichlids.


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Cichlasoma festae ( Red Terror ) 3"

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