Is a dwarf cichlids and a very good fish for community aquarium, They grow up to 2-2.5” for the males and 1.5”-2” for the female, it is not known to be an aggressive fish.  The male are very showy, they are also more elongated and then the female.  The male have longer fins and more color, they display a variety of colors from yellow, orange and some blue through the body.  They are not picky eaters, will eat a vide variety of prepared foods.  The will also do well in alkaline and acidic water.  They prefer a ph of 6.5-7 but will do well in ph of 7.5-8 and a temperature range of 78-82 F.  This fish does well with other small fish, such as upside down catfish, angelfish, otos, plecos, cardinal tetras and panda garras.  This fish also does well with plants.


Aquarium bred and raised 
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Apistogramma Eunotus 1"

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