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This Anubias is not new in the aquarium trade and when submerged it can be similar or smaller in size than Anubias barteri var. nana ‘Petite’ and has considerably smaller leaves than standard A. barteri var. nana or even the "Petite".  It is still as robust, slow growing and easy to care for. It grows under very low light (0.25 watts per litre and less) as well as under strong lights (1 watt per litre and more). It doesn't need the addition of CO2.  But  CO2  can be beneficial for growth nonetheless.This mini Anubias is popular in aquascaping, as it is one of the most beautiful epiphytic plants for decorating the hardscape (driftwood, rocks). It can also be attach to wood and rocks or planted into the substrate (do not cover the rhizome!).


Purchase Size: 5"-7"