This fish has a bright red head and tail, with the middle body being a pale gold color.   The colors make it look like a Koi.  This fish does great in planted aquariums and or in a community aquarium fish of similar size and temperament.   It is a small fish, do not put with large fish that would be troublesome.  It will breed easily and fill up an aquarium if there are plenty of places for the young to hide and grow.  Denselt planted aquarium are best.  This fish will do well in hard water Ph of 7-8 and temp of 75-85F.  Will eat all foods but prefer small size pellets and or flake foods.  This fish will do well with other small fish, such as cardinals, rasboras, danios,endlers, small tetras , panda garras, plecos, corydoras and small synodontis like upside-down syno.


Aquarium bred and raised 
Purchase Size: 1"-1.25""


Albino Koi Guppy 1"-1.25"