This fish does not get very big, it has a maximum size of 5 inches. It is a very good custodial fish; it will forage for algae continuously through the aquarium. It is a peaceful fish that get along with a large variety of fish. This fish prefer a planter aquarium.
The males develop soft tentacles on their head and will look to guard a small cave. They are easy to breed, female lays eggs in the cave guarded by the male. They eat a wide variety of food but prefer plant based diets. 

Family    Loricariidae
Natural origin    Amazon
Origin of this specimen    Tank born and raised by bioAquatiX
Generation filial    F1
pH range    5.0 to 8.5: best 7.0 to 7.5
Temperature range (°F)    70 TO 90: BEST 80 TO 82
Mature length (in a tank)    5 inch
Minimum tank size    5 gal
Aquarium bred and raised 
Purchase Size: 1.5"

Albino Bushy Nose Short Fin 1.5"

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